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The Malaysia Timber Industry

Malaysia’s timber sector generates steady export earnings and is a major job generator. The industry enjoys the support of the Government through various incentive programmes and national R&D efforts.

Open markets and ensuing developments in the wood-based sector also bodes well for the industry and has placed it among the major engines of economic growth.

The last two decades have seen the industry progress in leaps and bounds. From the primary focus on sawn timber and plywood, the timber industry has diversified into producing value-added end user products. In recent years, Malaysia has been ranked among the world's top exporters of logs, plywood and sawn timber.

The country’s Third Natural Agricultural Policy (1998 - 2010) places great emphasis on market driven products and agro-forestry approaches to improve productivity and global competitiveness while opening up markets. Production forest, permanent forest reserve and protected areas have been earmarked to ensure logging does not deplete our natural resources.

Backed by the positive outlook in global production, increased consumer confidence and improved economies in Asia, the prospects for the local timber industry is indeed bright.

PWIB’s future growth stands to be positively impacted by such favourable conditions.

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Protecting The Environment

PWIB recognises that the future of its business is closely interlinked with the future of environmental resources.

As such, the Company has committed itself to conserving the diversity and function of the forest environment through responsible stewardship practices. It firmly adheres to regulations stipulated by the Malaysian government which is also a member of the International Tropical Timber Organisation (ITTO), an establishment committed to sustainable forest management.

Within its own locality in East Malaysia, PWIB observes social and environmental responsibility by complying with Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) standards set by the Sabah Forestry Department.