Priceworth International Berhad

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PWIB’s main timber processing facility, a 33-hectare integrated plant, houses a sawmill, chemical treatment plants, kilns and moulding centre. This facility produces primarily sawn and moulded timber, bare core boards and fingerjoints.

This state-of-the-art facility in Sandakan, Sabah is centrally located close to contiguous timber-supply areas to meet the needs of its fast expanding production.

Over the past three years (2003 - 2005), combined output capacity of the company has increased threefold from 51,360m³ to 150,000m³ with machine utilisation rates rising from 84% to 97%. This is mainly due to the upgrading of the facility and the increase in production shift.

The Company also plans to increase its fake rolex processing capacity from 300,000 m3 to 400,000 m3 of timber logs through the acquisition of other timber extraction facilities.

The Company also owns manufacturing facilities at Batu Sapi, Sandakan, Sabah built over a total land area of more than 50 hectares.

This facility produces mainly veneer, blockboard, plywood and sawn timber. Production capacity for plywood alone is 120,000 m3 per year. Over 2001 to 2004, total production output for veneer, blockboard and plywood rose from 38,124m³ to 45,425m³.