Priceworth International Berhad

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Corporate Structure

PWIB’s corporate structure includes a high performance group of companies with specialised focus areas to support its fully integrated harvesting, manufacturing and distribution businesses.

The Company has five wholly-owned subsidiaries namely, Priceworth Industries Sdn Bhd (PISB), Cergas Kenari Sdn Bhd (CKSB), Teras Selasih Sdn Bhd (TSSB), Sinora Sdn Bhd (SSB) and Innora Sdn Bhd (ISB).

PISB, in turn, has three subsidiaries, Maxland Sdn Bhd (MSB), Ligreen Enterprise Sdn Bhd (LESB) and Cabaran Cerdas Sdn Bhd (CCSB).

PWIB also holds a partially-owned subsidiary, Integral Acres Sdn Bhd (IASB) whose principal activity is property development.

The acquisitions of CKSB and TSSB has availed the Company to a larger pool of timber concessions and access to additional forestlands in East Malaysia. This corporate exercise complements its existing rights to several other exclusive timber concessions in the region.

Equally significant is the acquisition of ISB and SSB which has allowed PWPB to offer to the market SSB’s established brand of plywood and other wood products including sawn timber, fingerjoints, moulded timber and parquet flooring. These two companies also benefit from a dependable and undisrupted flow of timber logs from PWPB’s upstream businesses, directly to manufacturing lines.

The PWIB Group’s main business operations are set out below: -